ChiRunning in the New York Times

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ChiRunning has been featured in the New York Time's Well Blog! The piece is one of the best that's been written about ChiRunning, and we're ecstatic to get coverage in such a major news outlet. Here's an excerpt:

“[…]longtime athletes and newcomers alike have been searching for a training method that will keep them from being sidelined by injuries. And that quest has created a growth industry in sustainable running plans. One increasingly popular method is ChiRunning, which combines the fundamentals of proper running form with the principles of the martial art tai chi. The emphasis is on posture, core strength, relaxed legs and mindfulness with every step.” – Tara Parker-Pope, NYT columnist and author

Click here to read the entire piece: Finding a Sustainable Running Stride. As you can see from the comments, running technique creates lively conversation. We'd love for you to help us keep it going by leaving your own thoughts about ChiRunning. We'd also be tremendously grateful if you could share the blog with others through social media, blogs, personal websites, word of mouth – any kind of mention would be much appreciated. We're thrilled that more and more people will now discover how to move pain-free and mindfully because of this national coverage. 

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