ChiRunning, Barefoot Running, and Raw Nutrition for a More Mindful Life!

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After running for 20+ years, I had to give it up, 15 years ago [in my mid 40s] due to knee pain.
Found and consumed your book [digital & audio] and your DVD. I habitually apply your research/knowledge to my barefoot running  and every day life journey. At 60 years of age, my life and running experiences are peaceful, pain free and effortless! Each important [life] transition I’ve made began as research and experimentation. Theories such as ChiRunning, barefoot running and raw nutrition stick, because, experimentation proves their efficacy. I began my [100%] raw food journey 7 years ago, with great results. I’m eager to see how, mindful and proper form running will, impact the next 7 years!

Thank you for learning and sharing!