ChiRunning at the State Senior Games

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It was great to see your latest newsletter mention the 5k and 10k training programs. It reminded me that I wanted to share a recent ChiRunning success story with you.

I’ll start by saying it’s a bit strange to realize I was turning 50 this year. However, that opened a whole new running “door” that I wasn’t aware of.

There is something called the “State Senior Games” that is held each year in every State. It’s all about getting folks in the 50+ age category (and it goes as high as 100+ age groups) to get out and be active and have fun. Events include everything from Tennis to Cycling to Swimming to Track and Field and also the 5k and 10k “Road Races”.

Then every 2 years, they hold the “National Senior Games” where those who have qualified from every state get to come together to compete.

Back in 2009, they held the National Senior Games at Stanford University, which is just about a mile or so away from our house, so that is how we found out about it.

As we were watching the different competitions at Stanford, my wife, Joyce, said “Hey, you should do this because you love to compete and have fun and your going to be turning 50”. I thought, she’s right, this looks like a lot of fun and the overall “energy” of the games feels really good.

So, I realized that if I wanted to compete at the National Senior Games in 2011, I would need to qualify in the 2010 California State Games. Each event has different qualifications, but for the Road Races, you need to either place in the top 4 in your age category or meet a minimum qualifying time at the State Games and then you are in for the Nationals.

So, I decided to try to qualify for the 5k and 10k events by going to the California Senior State Games, which were recently held in Pasadena, CA in June, 2010.

I’m very happy to say that I am now the official 2010 California Senior Games State champion in both the 5k and 10k. I owe a big thanks to ChiRunning as I really focused on my form and technique throughout both races and that made all the difference.

I actually do feel like I’m not getting older, just getting better, with my ChiRunning!

I also owe a huge thanks to my wife, Joyce, and our kids, Katia and Akira, for supporting me and really cheering me on throughout this whole process. They’ve made it a really fun family event.

Now we have our family vacation already scheduled for next June, 2011 in Houston, TX for the National Senior Games. 🙂

-Chris M.