ChiRunning and Born to Run book

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I am a slow learner for physical things and ChiRunning was a perfectly laid out running technique, except that I wasn’t completely avoiding the heel strike and didn’t know it. “Born to Run” inspired me to try barefoot and all of a sudden all of the subtleties of ChiRunning that I had read about made sense. I am glad I learned body sensing and relaxed muscles with ChiRunning so that when I started barefoot I came to it with the heel strike as my main problem- which was erased. Barefoot ChiRunning is absolute freedom for me.  I have a long history of injuries that sidelined me from activity- ChiRunning dug me out of that place.  Eventually though, the unknown heel strike (minimal though it was) did its work and I was down again with enough couch time to read Born to Run. Anusara yoga, swiss ball exercises and recognizing that the tilt on the sidewalks either works with my asymmetries or against them has got me back to trying. Its’ still a work in progress, but I am optimistic.

The picture is from a couple of years ago- LA half marathon- done with ChiRunning.  Slowly, but I finished!!

Mary Anne S.