ChiRunning 2.0: The Next Level

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Since the early days of ChiRunning and ChiWalking, I've come to trust these two powerful activities to be the perfect classrooms for me to learn more about myself. Here's how.

Everything in ChiRunning and ChiWalking is based on two important themes: Energy Efficiency and Injury-Prevention, and these two concepts are deeply embedded in every form focus you practice in your workouts. They're there to help you run safely and easily.

I've been practicing the form focuses for so many years they feel like old friends, accompanying me with every stride. I still love them. But, when I'm not paying attention to how I'm running I can begin to body sense increased fatigue or impact. And, if I don't make an adjustment, I feel it adversely affecting the flow of my run. If I ignore it altogether it speaks louder… as pain.

We get weekly emails from folks telling us how they find ChiRunning and ChiWalking principles eeking their way into the rest of their lives. Like I've said many times, “It's not about the running.” Working to improve your running is great for your body. But, I suggest taking it to the next level and see what you might find. Stretching is good.

How do Energy Efficiency and Injury-Prevention play out in your daily life? … and how do you work with what you see? Where are you inefficient in your actions, your communication, your relationships, your work? And, what setbacks or disruptions does that cause?

I see it in my own life all the time. It shows up as a lack of focus, poor planning, micro-management… I could go on. All of these are inefficient ways to move through my day, and my life. They're all ways that I disrupt or disburse the natural flow of my chi. When I catch myself in “waste” mode and make the right adjustments, I can pretty quickly put myself back on track and continue moving forward. But, if I don't pay attention to inefficiencies in my actions it can result in “injuries”… like lost opportunities, downtime, disruption, back-tracking or pissed-off partners.

Take the next week or two (or the rest of your life) to explore energy efficiency and injury-prevention in its larger context. Take yourself beyond your running practice and let all that focusing shake up the rest of your life. I'll see you at graduation.

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