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We’ve got some exciting ChiRunning news. There’s an article about ChiRunning in USAToday 5/18/2010. Go to this link and you can see the article and a video they did as well. It is really exciting to get this coverage in the national media. Also, tonight on HBO at 10pm ET will be a program on the minimal running shoe revolution which should also be some very interesting viewing. I’m curious to see if we get mentioned in that as well.

All of this media attention helps, in a big way, to spread the revolution in running that we’ve been promoting for ten years now. I just got home from teaching in NYC last weekend to two sold-out classes of ChiRunning. Sunday was the first-ever Level II ChiRunning class. It was a half-day class where we delved much deeper into the movement principles offered in the Level I running classes, how to do a speed workout, how to run hills without powering with your legs and many other hot topics. I’ll be offering another Level II running class in NYC in October.



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