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The health benefits of running are well documented. People running just 10 miles a week are adding several years to their lives, according to an article in the Canadian Medical Association Journey (CMAJ).

What is not as well documented are the positive emotional and psychological effects consistent running can have. From help with mental illness to drug addiction to managing anger, we’ve received many success stories affirming the ChiRunning technique helped, either because the individual was able to start running consistently without pain, or because the ChiRunning technique itself impacted them in personally profound and life-changing ways. We have thousands of these stories, each one as inspirational as the next.

“What is going on here?” we’ve been asking ourselves.

We believe that the physical body is, as every physicist knows, more energy than matter, and when your are doing something on a physical level, such as strengthening your core muscles, or relaxing your shoulders, or landing more softly with a mid-foot strike and not pushing off with your feet, those qualities become a part of who you are in other ways. A strong core gives you a stronger sense of self. A relaxed body definitely helps to relax your whole person. Allowing yourself to fall gently into your lean helps you to realize that you can lean into life. Pain-free running is not about forcing and pushing and working really hard, and maybe getting ahead at work isn’t about that either.

Carmen’s story has always been a favorite. All her life she felt she was not particularly able physically. After three 1-hour pain-free running technique classes with Danny, she said the words we have come to hear many times since: “Oh, it’s only changed my whole life.” For Carmen it was because her self-image changed dramatically when she saw herself running on video. She looked fantastic. She had quickly understood the ChiRunning technique and was able to move in the way she was directed in her workshop. She was a natural! Running became a passion and a positive image of her body and her abilities replaced the scars from middle school gym class.

Karl’s story is not only inspiring, but really educational. At 57 he is running longer, faster, and enjoying athletics more than anytime in his life since a knee injury when he was 17! The freedom and excitement he feels about being physically active again is palpable.

Christy’s learning the ChiRunning technique coincided with other life changing realizations, “Living in the present moment, being mindful, and having a strong core – physically, emotionally & spiritually.”

Terry’s doctor recently informed him that, after starting a pain-free ChiRunning program, he had added 10 years to his life. His health goals came easily with the ability to be active without pain or injury.

You can consciously use the pain-free ChiRunning technique to help you with your goals as well. Every time you run, put a positive goal in the back of your mind, and even more importantly, let it sink down into your gut, your core, and let it be there as you run.  Articulate your goal in a positive, clear statement, as if it is already real. “My daughter and I communicate really well.” “My boss treats me with respect.” “My essay is well-written and persuasive.” Level your pelvis and allow your pelvis to gently rotate as your leg follows the energy of the road rolling underneath you.  Keep your chest open and your eyes softly focused. Breath deeply and fully. Relax.  All of those focuses will help your goal to become a natural part of how you move through life. Keep your focus on your goal, while being open, responsive and flexible to what comes your way.

Some people run to avoid their problems, but a more viable solution is to allow your running to help you see a new perspective, and actually let it help you solve the issues in life that may seem daunting. For some, running itself may seem daunting, but as you find the ease and grace possible in your running, that ease and grace may just find its way into how you live.

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