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So, I’m back in AVL now, but was in NYC this morning. I was in the City with Danny for a workshop yesterday, which was a great success. We didn’t have to leave till mid-morning so I figured if I could get a run in, it would be best to do it in the morning (good), in Central Park (better), with Danny (best!)… So we ran!

We went out early when it was still dark out, so I tricked myself into thinking it was cool out. WRONG. Humid and I had a long sleeve tech shirt on and boy oh boy did I learn a good lesson this morning: Underdress, Lizzie, underdress.

We had planned to jog to the park and then do a circle all the way around the park… We were thinking somewhere around 6 miles, and we’d shave off a little bit in the park or just walk at the end if the time was met. Today was my first 1.15 hr run, and I was very glad to have company, esp. Danny.

I didn’t realize CP is as hilly as it is. Immediately Danny had me getting my chin down and relaxing my legs, taking smaller steps. Surprise surprise. After a little while into the run we notice all these crazy mile-marker signs and at some point big water stands and it was clear there was a race that day (timing couldn’t have been better!) … apparently it was a training run for the ING Marathon. So for those of you who were doing that training run this morning, sorry we didn’t run together.

My hip was sore (probably from the long travel Fri evening and then more or less standing around all day on Saturday at the workshop, though I tried to stretch)… and then my right knee started to act up. After the run, we diagnosed that most likely, I am not picking my foot (feet) up enough, and so my leg is coming down and creating a force-force impact with the road. Antidote: pick up my ankles. No shuffling anymore.

Overall an 8. I had a hard time on some of the hills, I could feel some major lactic acid pulsing through my legs and we ran by water table. I grabbed some water and sipped. (Ever run in a race and get water all over your face? Try pinching the cup closed so there’s one little spout opening and sip on that till you’re through — no mess! Danny has all these tips, it’s like he’s the Martha Stewart of running)

Total mileage: 7 miles in just under 70 minutes. Darn fast for me.


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