Calf soreness and and uphill battles are a thing of the past

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I started running in 1973 and will be 51 next week. I was naturally a forefoot runner, and was drawn to ChiRunning when I leafed through the book a few years ago. I became a devotee this past July, when I bought the new edition of the book and the DVD, and just took the workshop in NYC with Danny. I have already noticed that my uphill running, which was always my weakest link, has improved dramatically. Additionally, the calf soreness I experienced with hard track workouts or fast tempo runs, is a thing of the past. My running has become much more effortless, and I am running faster with less work. I also really love the idea of running as a practice, rather than a set of rigid time or distance goals. I can’t wait to get out the door and implement what I have learned, continually refining and using the focuses to be more efficient.

– Anthony B.