broken bones but not a broken heart

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After suffering a sever ankle break at age 40, I was told I should never run. So I took up running three years later. I am now 45 and have run in 7 marathons and 4 ultras. My times are getting better thanks to your book. Last marathon 3:22.47!
The most amazing thing is that I’ve had a lot more wrong with my body than a broken ankle: over the years, I broke my femur, shattered my shoulder (it’s now stapled together), dislocated my knee, and the list could go on… I have every reason to not run but then I have every reason to run at the same time. ChiRunning has improved my running so much I am able to compete at a new level. Your method has made all the difference in the world. Thank you, Danny, for that gift. — Roxanne W.