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I was a little leery about my long run with having all the training going on and whatnot, but I just delayed my run for a day and it all worked out okay!

I took today, Monday, off, and obviously didn’t get the run in last night. After the training was over, I decided to have a party at my house with all the candidates/Instructors to come hang without the pressure of performance hanging over our heads. I think we all had a great time. I know I did.

Anyway, I took Monday to ‘recover’ and at the end of the day, I went for my LSD. I did this route, a local’s favorite 7 miler, which is what I figured I could run in 1.15 hrs. Ivan ran with me which was good for the company, good for practicing teaching, and good because I ended up getting done about dusk for which I was glad to have some company.

We started the run around 6, which was fine, and still light out. We parked down in the River Arts District, and there just happens to be a bar very nearby, which Ivan and I both admitted later was a driving force in both of us finished: we were wanting to sit on the porch of The Wedge, a new local brewery, and cheers to a run well enjoyed…

We were extremely successful! The run was quite hilly, and Ivan admitted at the beginning that he wasn’t sure he’d make it the whole way but that he’d meet me back at the start either way… The hills kill him and he’s had a little bit of pain in his leg from it, so we worked together and I made the suggestion to really exaggerate his armswing and not think about moving his legs. I think it worked, and he made it through the whole thing! Here I am, running and training for almost two months, and Ivan just sidles up to the start and says, “Oh, I guess I’ll run 7 miles today….” !

I was a little sore in my hip flexor, and I need to stretch it, apparently. Sarah Young, a Certified Instructor from the Detroit area, was still in town after the Instructor Training, so she came over and stretched me out this morning, which was good. Apprently my hips are wound up super tight. If you live near her, I highly recommend a visit to get yourself stretched. Makes a huge difference.

I felt great until mile 6, when I started to tighten up a bit… which might have coincided with the fact that the sun started to go down and we were running on a fairly busy frontage road for the last mile, and I was a tad worried of getting run over by a car. Not seriously worried, but definitely conscious. The whole run was really great, I tried to just stay RELAXED and that seemed to work. I didn’t have any major aches or pains or complaints. My breathing over the last mile was taxed, dunno why. I was very happy when we finished, and proud of Ivan for finishing it, too. I think the stretching really did help, and I have made a vow to really stretch after each run now so that I can encourage my muscles, esp my hips, to relax. Maybe then I’ll have a better pelvic rotation and be able to cover more ground in the same amount of time!

Other than the fact I consumed about a billion little gnats as I ran, I would say it was about an 8 on scale. No major pains, easy to just focus and stay relaxed, I quite enjoyed the company, too. Sometimes I like to run solo, but it’s definitely nice to have a running partner.


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