Boston Marathoner thanks ChiRunning

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This is an update to a thank-you message that I posted last October 2009.  A few days ago, I ran my first Boston Marathon! I owe it all to ChiRunning and the fantastic Instructors at the Kripalu Workshop back in Spring 2008. My husband and I ran our first marathon together back in October. My time qualified  me for Boston. I had to train in the dark and ice of a New England winter and despite the difficulties of maintaining Chi form on a treadmill, I was able to do it. I know that I didn’t maintain great Chi-form during the race, because for the past few days my calves have been aching. Time to hit the Chi books and DVD again for a refresher! Heartbreak Hill and the other famed hills of Newton were no match for Danny’s ChiRunning hill climbing techniques. I passed many runners who were walking or limping, but my metronome and I ticked on during the entire route. It was an unbelievable experience, and I really want to give Danny and his instructors a huge shout-out…..Thank you so very much. You changed my life in so many priceless ways…..Peace and Blessings…
Maggie L.