Beyond Happy with the Workshop!

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Attended the work shop in Boston July 10.  Spent a great deal of
time listening and all questions were answered.  I had gone as far
as I could go with programmed instruction. Needed a human to
communicate with about
the process.  My wife and I were beyond happy with where it took
us in running.  On the way home we both said it would have taken a
year, if ever, for us to achieve what we accomplished (learned) in two
short days at the workshop.  I now go to the park at lunch time
from work and practice relaxing with the form by lightly running on the
grass in bare feet. Watch, I’ll step on a bee and be hopping about on
one foot. Got a book on chi hopping. Was cool to go to MIT, fitting
venue for a great program.

Thanks a bunch.

Mike Hand