Beats his best run by 10 minutes using ChiRunning technique

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I’ll be 66 in a week, and I have really good news: Last Saturday, I ran a marathon in 3:22:18, winning my age group by 77 minutes. I was 24th overall out of 175 runners…
Back in February, I ran a 3:31 in Huntington beach in Feb. Then I ran Little Rock in 3:21, then and 3:22 in Abilene, KS. I can attribute the 10 minute difference in the races is thanks to ChiRunning… I didn’t change anything else but my running style. I started with ChiRunning right after Huntington Beach, and the next two races were quite a bit faster. Hey!-Lincoln marathon is coming up on May 3… Maybe I can lean more and get under 3.20. I’m running well and recovery is easy. Has to be ChiRunning, as it’s the only thing different.

Leo R.