Back-to-back marathons using the ChiRunning technique

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I wanted to pass on some great results from a marathon this past Sunday (purely a training run) in preparation for my long distance triathlons. I did an IRONMAN race on Saturday (including the marathon run) and then did the marathon race Sunday. I went into the race Sunday with the intent of running on tired legs, to see how much of a difference ChiRunning was in terms of efficiency and ability to maintain consistent pace, etc. I was absolutely amazed – very little quad pain at all while running and kept thinking of the body senses throughout the run and maintained 85 running strides per minute. I kept the heart rate surprisingly at 70% and could have easily continued for many more hours and easily had negative splits on my running. The best part was Monday: no Achilles tendon soreness (very hilly road race) and just a slight bit of quad soreness (probably because I was not able to get enough of my standard recovery drink in as I was talking and having fun running with other runners at the finish line and mingled a little long).

All, I can say is it’s amazing the effect on recovery and was back for a flush-the-legs run and bike ride on Monday.

See you in October in NYC at the Instructor Training.

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