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ChiRunning Outside of Running

Posted by Jean Remi John Campion on Sat Oct 6th, 2012, 0 comments

Hi Danny, Catherine, CR staff, fellow instructors and everyone

Coach J-R here.

I have been very absent since a good few months on all levels of participating on the ChiRunning blog and facebook page.

However, it's not been without just reason...Since July 2012, I ceased full time ChiRunning coaching to become a recruit Fire Fighter in the Northern Territory of ustralia...


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Allow your Chi to flow

Posted by Jean Remi John Campion on Tue Nov 15th, 2011, 0 comments

"Where your mind goes, your Chi flows" ...After having the enriching experience of spending three days with Danny Dreyer and fellow instructors at Asheville for  the bi-annual certified instructors weekend, it really has opened up a whole new appreciation & understanding of the power of the energy called chi...


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Chi Running in Australia

Posted by Jean Remi John Campion on Tue Mar 1st, 2011, 11 comments

2 days of ChiRunning workshops in Melbourne & Sydney
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Running Efficient

Posted by Jean Remi John Campion on Sat Oct 30th, 2010, 0 comments

Chi Running affords us the ability to run efficiently… In today’s world where we are learning to use more sparingly natural resources, reducing our carbon footprint, recycling to reduce landfill, Chi Running is also a paradigm of this within ourselves… Why step on the accelerator in your car only to slow & stop at a red light [...]

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