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hey folks. I am curious: does anyone read this? I have had a few comments, but if you’re out there, let me know. I would love to have an idea if there are more than 2 people reading this ;)

Today’s run, (which is supposed to be a Thursday run) went okay.

I did 45 minutes of hills in the neighborhood: I am embarrassed by the low mileage, but there were some pretty substantial hills.

As much as ChiRunning has helped me learn how to run, I am still battling with the uphills. I LOVE running down hills, as I think most people do. I want to learn to like the uphills, but I have a mental block because I get frustrated at my perceived speed. Obviously gear 2 on flats is going to be different than gear 2 on uphills, but I still get irked by it.

I went out about 10 am, and it was below 40 degrees F. Pretty chilly, but I had cleared out my nose sufficiently so I wouldn’t be a mucus machine, and I lathered up my lips with chapstick. The run from Wednesday taught me that in cold weather, I need to protect my little face!

You can take a look at the course and the kind of elevation. It’s nothing too snazzy, but Asheville is quite hilly. So steep little hills up and down again and then a couple of long up and down hills. On the down I tried to get into gear 3 and on the up tried to just keep a good pace. The last really hilly run I did was a Thursday lunch run up near the Grove Park Inn, and I was going at an ant’s pace then up the hills. I tried not to do that today, but it wasn’t as easily done.

My heart rate was very variable. I was so so so grateful on the downhills after the seemingly never-ending uphills, and I could tell my heart was grateful too. On the uphills I peaked at about 184 bpm, and on the downs got down to 165 on some. Quite variable, and I am not sure that’s a good thing. My brain was okay, it wasn’t saying, “Oh, Lizzie, for heaven’s sake just stop and walk a little bit.” It was more like “Yeah, I know this is uncomfortable and it stinks, but it’s almost over and you can get up it, just go.”

I didn’t power through the hills, but instead just adjusted. I made sure I kept moving instead of stopping to walk or standing, even if that meant slowing down to ~ gear 1 some of the time on the uphills.

I felt a little bit leaden today in my legs. Not sure if it’s because I didn’t have the right food last night (lots of cheese, crackers, wine, grapes and olives) but I need to figure that out sooner rather than later. I think my body will be grateful come race day to have the right nutrition running through my system.

I had a hard time today focusing. I think that’s what hurt my speed. Really, 4.5 miles in 45 minutes? I guess it’s not that bad, but gosh it seems short. I was trying to focus on my arm swing, on keeping my heel lift good, and on letting my hips rotate as much as possible on the downhills.

I felt really great after the uphills as I started on the downhills. Of course, that seems obvious, but my heart rate and PRE adjusted immediately, which hasn’t always been the case. On the downhills, I didn’t feel like I had the best pelvic rotation, but I had my core engaged and my head forward to keep my lean downhill. That felt good, but the pelvis could have had a little more movement.

On the uphills, I did the sideways 11 o’clock/1 o’clock hill running sometimes. I felt a little silly because it was on short hills, but they really are steep and I wanted to make sure I kept moving.

Anyway, I would say over all it was probably around a 6 run, not great, but I was glad to finish. And I am not sore, which is a joy. I stretched after I got back, and then we got in the car for a few hours, and even after all that sitting, I still feel good and not too stiff. That’s a great feeling too.

Focuses were arm swing (which I was lazy about on the uphills and probably shouldn’t have been), pelvic rotation (I need to work on this a lot more)… that’s about it. I took chapstick in case my lips turned to sand paper, but I was lucky and it didn’t happen. WHEW. My nose dripped a lot, which I didn’t realize until I get home… yuck.


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