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Learning New Sports & Brain Health

Posted by Katherine Dreyer on Tue Sep 13th, 2016, 3 comments

Learning New Sports & Brain Health

It’s no shock that learning a new hobby can strengthen your brain. However, when we think of learning new hobbies we often think of “intellectual” pursuits - such as learning a new language or learning how to write a story.

These intellect-driven hobbies are proven to increase white matter in the brain, which is incredibly beneficial. It helps our overall cognitive ability. However, it’s also been shown that learning new physical abilities can improve an incredibly important part of the brain - the motor cortex - which controls how we move.

So, by focusing only on learning “mental hobbies” we may be short changing ourselves, big time.

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September 2016 Instructor of the Month: Jane Tse

Posted by Katherine Dreyer on Wed Sep 7th, 2016, 1 comments

September 2016 Instructor of the Month: Jane Tse


A Canadian Chinese brought up in Hong Kong, Jane worked in the fields of training consultant and project management for over 20 years. ChiRunning found Jane through through a close friend who was amazed by the concept of using Chi in running. She read the ChiRunning book and started practicing by herself, and noticed there was something profound in the technique and decided to learn it from the masters.

ChiRunning’s effortless running concept has totally changed Jane's approach to body movement and training.  After practicing ChiRunning, running injuries and long recovery time became history. Jane believes that combining her training profession with her passion for running is a gift to her life, and when she sees smiling faces on her students, she feels the energy and happiness radiating from within.

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