June 2012 Blog Archive - Chi Running

Chi Running in the New York Times

Posted by Gary S. Reckard on Fri Jun 29th, 2012, 0 comments

Chi Running has been featured in the New York Time's Well Blog! The piece is one of the best that's been written about Chi Running...

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Music, mind and running

Posted by Nick Constantine on Fri Jun 8th, 2012, 1 comments

Music, mind and running

Control, exertion, focus, alignment and one pointedness are at the heart of many creative things.

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Chi Focuses for Hot Weather Workouts

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Wed Jun 6th, 2012, 0 comments

Here is a list of focuses to keep your mind working well and help you expend less energy on a hot day...

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How Chi Running helps you decide your own path

Posted by Nick Constantine on Tue Jun 5th, 2012, 0 comments

How Chi Running helps you decide your own path

We run, at times, to get away from decisions. We run to flee from responsibility, to be free from the chains of life, people and stuff.

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