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Gradual Progress in Running Training and in Recovery from Injury

Posted by Keith McConnell on Tue Apr 26th, 2011, 1 comments

Running at different speeds can be a lot of fun - and it can be a temptation and a path leading to running injuries. A recent experience in my running training demonstrated this phenomenon and has reminded me of the importance one of the core principles in the Chi Runing model, that of Gradual Progress, that I'd like to share today.

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Minimalist Running Shoes and Gear - Mistakes and Lessons

Posted by Laura Houston on Sat Apr 23rd, 2011, 9 comments

A few years ago, while running at Hood to Coast relay, one of our team members proclaimed you could put a certain running shoe logo on a piece of dog poop and sell it. He worked for and was sponsored by a local shoe company, which made him biased, but there was an element of truth to that. These days, it seems to ring true for minimalist running, and what that means to different people.

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2011 Boston Marathon Results

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Wed Apr 20th, 2011, 9 comments

Well, I'm back home again (from Boston), letting the dust settle a bit. It was quite a whirlwind week, last week. We had a great crew of Chi Runners helping out at the Chi Running booth on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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Event Day Logistics: Know the Territory Ahead and Train Accordingly

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Wed Apr 6th, 2011, 0 comments

As they say, "the devil is in the details." But, when it comes to Race Day, your ability to think through all the details ahead of time - and plan accordingly - can make the difference between having a fabulous time running your race … and a DNF (Did Not Finish).

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Chi Walking: Mastering a Walking Event

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Wed Apr 6th, 2011, 0 comments

If you’re planning on walking an event, you know that it takes quite a bit of preparation. Since walking a course could take upwards of 5 hours, you need to be ready for anything that could happen.  So, how do you stay motivated and maintain your technique if you become tired or disheartened?

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21 year pr of 3:10:31 at St. George, Utah. Won age group by 30 minutes, and set new 65-69 age record by 3 minutes. Chi Running works! Pace 7:16. Good day!

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