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Running Painfree With My Bag O’ Tricks

Posted by Laura Houston on Mon Dec 28th, 2009, 0 comments

I’m always amazed and grateful at the tools that ChiRunning has given me to make my running a more pleasant experience. And I’m even happier when I can share them with a running partner, and see the beneficial effects almost immediately, while we are running. I was running the other day with some friends who [...]

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Have Fun Exploring While Running

Posted by Hazel Wood Master Instructor on Mon Dec 21st, 2009, 1 comments

It is so easy to get caught up in being focused on everything we have to do and things we want to accomplish that sometimes we don’t allow ourselves the time, or space in our brain to just have fun. Even with our running and walking programs. While I am sure that most people reading [...]

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The power of positive thinking when running

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Thu Dec 17th, 2009, 0 comments

I believe a lot in the power of thought. One of my favorite quotes is, “Change your thoughts and you change your world” by Norman Vincent Peale. A lot of what ChiRunning and ChiWalking provide for us as we move our bodies is a) the proper thoughts and focuses to have and then b) the [...]

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Running and Relaxation

Posted by Michelle Muldoon on Thu Dec 17th, 2009, 1 comments

Life has been pretty stressful over the last week or so.  Of course, the time of year doesn’t help either.  A bit of fire fighting needed to be done and too much time and energy has been spent on it but sometimes you must protect the reputations of others and stand up for what you [...]

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Running With A Team

Posted by Ryan Miller on Thu Dec 17th, 2009, 0 comments

One of my favorite things about running has always been running with a team. I enjoy the quiet solitude of running alone as well, but there is something special about running on a team. Many of my deepest friendships have been formed with high school and college teammates. I have fond memories of ‘the good [...]

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Running Form: the Key to Uphill running (part two)

Posted by Keith McConnell on Thu Dec 17th, 2009, 0 comments

Continuing  my Uphill running effort at Mt. Ashland, my ChiWalking identity soon became the major player in its collaboration with ChiRunning. It seemed a rational strategy to conserve energy for the many miles ahead by ChiWalking at a fast pace rather than ChiRunning at a slow pace. That seemed to be the way I could [...]

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Marathon Base Training

Posted by Richard C (Dick) Felton on Thu Dec 17th, 2009, 0 comments

In my last post the plan was to follow a pain free marathon training program from ChiRunning in order to prepare for the Nashville Marathon on April 24th, 2010, and I have started that training which is now into the fourth week of base training, with a slight twist. Just before the posting of my last [...]

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Running Motion for a Midfoot Strike

Posted by David Stretanski on Mon Dec 14th, 2009, 8 comments

In ChiRunning, the approach is to land midfoot (full-foot) under your column and create a wheel slightly behind your column with your heels/feet. Visually, this running motion is similar to the Road Runner cartoon. To create this wheel, the focus is to allow the knee to bend and to not consciously lift the knee. Lifting [...]

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Running as a Practise

Posted by Michelle Muldoon on Wed Dec 9th, 2009, 0 comments

A student said to me during the week, when we were talking about their running form, “I don’t think I can change.”  I just want to say to anyone out there learning ChiRunning that you absolutely can change. You have it within your power.  If you are diligent about practising the form focuses as often [...]

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Running Form: The Key to Uphill Running

Posted by Keith McConnell on Fri Dec 4th, 2009, 1 comments

Running uphill can be a real challenge – and it can also be a very positive experience. Recently I completed the Mt. Ashland Half Marathon which has an elevation increase of well over a mile and has almost no level or downhill sections. To clarify what I mean by “running” when I talk about uphill [...]

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A Chi Running Love Letter

Frank and I attended the week long Chi Running program in June. We have been diligently practicing our Chi Running form and are loving it. 

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