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Chi Running + Oliver the dog

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Fri Jul 31st, 2009, 1 comments

Yesterday morning I got an itch to go for a quick run, but also needed to get the dog exercised. LIGHT BULB! Take the dog running with you! Well, he’s just now 6 mos old so I’ve been waiting until he gets a bit bigger. But I figured it couldn’t hurt and he certainly has [...]

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Chi Running in thin air

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Tue Jul 28th, 2009, 4 comments

I was in Colorado this weekend for a friend’s wedding, and proudly brought my running gear to head out for a short run on Saturday morning. Denver is the Mile High City: elevation 5, 280. I grew up there, so I have a fair advantage of a few more red blood cells than sea-level dwellers, [...]

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Update on my trail race training

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Tue Jul 28th, 2009, 5 comments

Thought I’d fill you in on my training progress for the National 10k Trail Championships. I’ve got just over a month left to train and I’ve just finished my conditioning phase which meant lots of slow aerobic distance running (mostly 1-hour runs at a comfortable pace … 120-125 heart rate). I decided to test myself [...]

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Loosen, Walk, Run, Walk, Stretch

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Wed Jul 22nd, 2009, 0 comments

I went down to Carrier Park again yesterday morning early when it was still cool. Doing the Body Looseners and a bit of ChiWalking before and after running is going to save me, I believe. Patience is certainly not one of my highest strengths, and by doing the Looseners and stretches and walking before and [...]

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Steamy summer running with Chi Running Focuses is a-okay!

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Fri Jul 17th, 2009, 3 comments

So, remember I last blogged about lovely crisp mornings here in Asheville? Well, I must have been mistaken. When I got finished with my short run this morning I was stretching and noticed that I was literally steaming from my head. Granted, I have a large forehead… It was steamy hot this morning, and very [...]

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Running just to run

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Mon Jul 13th, 2009, 0 comments

The great thing about Asheville is that even though it gets hot during the day, the nights are cool and bring nice crisp mornings. Sunday was like that here; it ended up in the 90s by the afternoon, but the morning was crisp. I didn’t have plans to go walk or run, but decided that [...]

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Running with a heart rate monitor

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Thu Jul 9th, 2009, 19 comments

Well, I finally did it. After 38 years of running I finally bought myself a heart rate monitor. Why now? After that many years of running you’d think by now I would be able to Body Sense everything I needed to know to run injury-free and run long distances without burning myself out. The truth [...]

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Seattle was fun!

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Wed Jul 8th, 2009, 0 comments

Hi all! Seattle was great. The Expo was fantastic (great to see all of you runners there!) and the weather on race day was wonderful; sunny and fairly cool. Sarah and I were in a rearward corral and waited almost an hour to cross the start line, but we kept a positive attitude and enjoyed [...]

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Should I Monitor My Heart Rate While Training?

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Mon Jul 6th, 2009, 6 comments

Yes, it is important to monitor your heart rate so that you have an objective measurement of how hard your body is working when you run. Being able to feel whether you're going too fast, too slow, or just right is an important skill to have, especially on long training runs or in race conditions. ...

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