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no work, all play

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Tue Sep 30th, 2008, 0 comments

Took the day off today and went over to the track this morning to do my track workout run. Over all, it went well… I guess I am on Week 7 now of the 10 week program (I will have some extra time after this to keep training, but this is the schedule for now…) [...]

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central park LSD … a whole new dimension

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Sun Sep 28th, 2008, 3 comments

So, I’m back in AVL now, but was in NYC this morning. I was in the City with Danny for a workshop yesterday, which was a great success. We didn’t have to leave till mid-morning so I figured if I could get a run in, it would be best to do it in the morning [...]

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Form run + dog = incompatible

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Thu Sep 25th, 2008, 0 comments

Classic form run today… except I had Mei Ling, the Dreyer’s dog. I watched her for some reason last night/today. (Oh yeah, they went to Hickory to buy office furniture… it IS the furniture capital of the world, after all.) She’s really a great dog. She loves to run up in the hills behind KD [...]

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black circle thing

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Tue Sep 23rd, 2008, 0 comments

… track today went well. I am getting sick of the terms TRACK FORM AND LSD. You must be getting sick of it, too. Sorry, it is what it is… I was feeling a little funky today, I don’t know what exactly it was that was going on… I didn’t feel in the best form, [...]

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Long Slow Distance … and it’s only getting longer

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Sun Sep 21st, 2008, 0 comments

So it’s Sunday. Had a long run today. Woke up energized to do the run and felt good about it. Got enough sleep last night that I felt alert. I didn’t have a plan of where I was going to run, so I just left the house and did a really random loop. Here is [...]

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thursday form thursday form thursday form

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Thu Sep 18th, 2008, 0 comments

It has been nice and cool the last couple days, so running this morning was very nice. I was supposed to meet Danny at the track to work together on some form/possibly video again, but as I found out many hours later (!) he forgot to set an alarm… I went ahead with my run [...]

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UNCA track – i love flat!

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Tue Sep 16th, 2008, 0 comments

Today is Tues, my track workout at the UNCA campus was this morning. I got out there early today, so it was nice because there were very few people and it was nice and cool, sort of overcast today. It’s still humid! I did my 15 minute warm up which felt just fine, nice 1st [...]

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sunday run… change of scenery!

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Mon Sep 15th, 2008, 0 comments

Today is Monday, September 15. I had my long run yesterday in Morganton because Ivan and I were there for the weekend to help Frans and Gloria with their porch. I decided to run on the Greenway which is nice and flat. I left about 830 so wasn’t super hot but wasn’t super cool either. [...]

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form run, thursday (9/11 rememberance)

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Thu Sep 11th, 2008, 0 comments

Danny and I met at the UNCA track. We did body looseners together and then ran at the track to warm up. I worked on keeping my ankles up, my spine extended, taking VERY small steps to begin with. (It is true that gear 1 in ChiRunning is almost comically slow!). It was helpful, esp. [...]

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Track work: gettin’ better!

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Tue Sep 9th, 2008, 0 comments

Finally! A good workout! Had a track workout that really rocked this morning. Got there early so it was cooler and less ‘populated’… I focused on the y’chi (getting all the energy to flow around and up in my body, out my eyes, pulling me forward. Try it!). I really kept focusing on my form, [...]

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