And let the Taper Begin…

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Well, the race is officially two weeks away. This past weekend was my 11 miler long run, the beginning of the taper before the race.

I ran with Shelly and her friend Eric on Saturday morning. We started running early again, when it was still dark, and thankfully, chilly! Autumn is definitely in the air here, and you can feel it in the early mornings. It was a very nice way to start running.

We ran a fairly flat course, with a few hills at the end. We finished in just about 110 minutes, which, of course, is my classic 10 min/mile pace. We all stretched together and I did a quick leg drain for a few minutes. (I was on my way to teach a running technique lesson and knew that I need to take care of the insides of my legs before standing on my feet for another 2 hours…)

These long training runs are really turning out to be an incredible experience. I love the freedom of getting up early and going running before most of the city is awake… knowing that I will be back home and ready for the day, with running “out of the way”, my body taken care of and my spirit at ease.

This 1/2 Marathon Training has taken on a slightly deeper meaning for me than I expected… Without really intending for that mental/spiritual deepening, by focusing more and more on my form and technique, I have found a quietness and peace in my body when I run that I know is helping my in my non-running endeavors too.

We get stories from some of our customers explaining how “ChiRunning changed my life!” For some people, they have had more remarkable stories than I have, so I can understand why the technique and the ability to run are truly life changing. Until recently, I didn’t fully appreciate the nuances of how things really can change your life. Running itself has changed my life because it’s changed and morphed my priorities, my physical body, my approach to things and my appreciation for following the process.

Here’s to all of us who are in the process of a process… having a good skill set certainly makes the journey enjoyable, doesn’t it?


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