An hour off race time and healthy strides!

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For the first time in my life, I decided I wanted to try to run. I have always been overweight and was so tired of setting diet goals. I talked to my trainer in May 2009 and set a goal to train for the October 2009 San Jose Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon. I took a risk and shared this goal with friends and family, so there was no turning back. It did not take long to hit home that I would have to also do something to manage my weight for this to work. It was hard just to walk 3 miles. My lower back would hurt, my foot was getting numb, etc.  I found a good chiropractor and a weight management program at Kaiser Permanente and continued to train.

When I showed up at the Expo for the Half Marathon, I picked up a free copy of Women’s Running magazine. It contained an article about ChiRunning. I was intrigued. I made it through the race and set the goal to take 1 hour off my time for the 2010 event.

In November 2010, I showed up for a ChiRunning workshop with Aracely Areas in Campbell, CA. It was a lot to take in! After the New Year rolled around, I decided I wanted to hear the information again, so I looked for another seminar a bit closer to home and connected with Hazel Wood in San Rafael, CA. It was a cold, rainy day at Crissy Field, near the Golden Gate Bridge.

I continued to practice ChiRunning and did the See Jane Run Half Marathon in June 2010 with an even better time.

I met with Hazel a few more times one on one, to continued to practice and learn the ChiRunning technique.

After last year’s San Jose event I kept saying I wanted to take one hour off my time. However, after the See Jane Run 1/2 that I did in June, it just didn’t look realistic.

Here are the stat’s:

Oct 2009  time 3:39  pace 16:30 (San Jose)

June 2010        2:53          13:15  (Alameda)

Oct 2010          2:41          12:20  (San Jose)

I ALMOST got the hour off!! I am still slow, but I am at least getting in the pack :=) It was cool yesterday to be in “a pack”  for the entire race. When I was trying to go faster, I kept hearing Hazel say to “relax into it” to move to the higher gear. I was so sore after the Oct 2009 race, but the last two, I have not been sore at all.

I had decided months ago that my reward for yesterday’s 1/2 Marathon would be taking a running seminar. I will see you at Kripula at the end of the month.

So, since I decided to try to run in May of 2010, I have been trying to practice ChiRunning. I have taken 58 minutes off my 1/2 Marathon time. I have been able to avoid any injuries. And as far as the weight goes, I have lost almost 140 pounds.

I will get under the 12 minute mark for the next race! Life is great!

-Mary Ann A.