Amazingly, it felt relatively effortless and completely

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I could have been a contender!

After finishing only 94 of the 250 pages of the book “ChiRunning” by Danny
Dreyer, I went out and tested the concepts on my normal Sunday morning “gut
check” run in Bogota. I have run this same route for the last five years,
normally in 41 minutes. My record (up till today) was 38:47 (complete with
lactic acid, spit, tears, puke, oxygen debt, etc). This morning, applying
the Chi Techniques, I ran this same route in 34:43, over four minutes faster
than my record. Amazingly, it felt relatively effortless and completely
pain free. I verified that my watch was not broken.

I have been running nonstop since 1969, been a faithful subscriber to
Runners World since then, read all George Sheehan’s books, etc, Who could
possibly tell me anything about running?

Now at age 51, I have discoverd I was doing it all wrong. Just as well. I
probably wouldnt have had any room left on my mantles for all the plaques,
trophies, and medals I should have won during the last 36 years.

I am CCing my running friends so that they can read this book and be all
they can be. Although it is a risk sending this to Bruce Yost because he
will be entering my age category soon, and will surely kick my ass with this

Kevin Higgins
Retired US Army Colonel