Amazed by the feel of ChiRunning

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ChiRunning Team,

My story – 60 year old male; occasional exercise runner for 5 years, and a more dedicated exercise runner for the past 18 months. My constant lower back and lower leg pains limited my workouts (street running) and I had a truly difficult time running beyond 30 minutes, even though I am in good shape (5′ 9″, 146 lbs.).  I have been a Tai Chi practitioner for 25 years and enjoy it immensely. I stumbled across a mention of the book ChiRunning, and after looking at my note for 6 months I purchased Danny’s book through Amazon. com.  It has taken me 2 months but I finally finished digesting the book recently, and have been using the DVD as well.

The difference in my fitness running has been nothing short of amazing. I quickly discovered that my main issues were foot strike and lower body rotation. Through the ChiRunning process I am retraining myself to run properly. Since I am ‘bow-legged’ and have feet that splay at a 40 degree angle off center, it is a real challenge. But the process is working. With my engineering background I understand now that ChiRunning is simply putting the mechanics of  movement into perfect order, for the lean, foot strike, body rotations, and arm pump are simply using the equations of bodies in motion to create a harmonious balance for movement under the influence of gravity.  It makes perfect sense to my engineering mind.

So off I go…I actually ran 7 miles on Sunday at a 9:50 pace for my slow distance run,, a true first for me. And even though the temperature was mid-80s and there were numerous gradual hills, I had a great time. And my body felt great the next morning! On Tuesday morning my goal was to run 4 miles and feel better after my run than before. And I did!!!

So, as you can tell, I am just so blessed by Danny writing and publishing the book, and for you and the ChiRunning Team helping to educate and encourage the public. Yesterday I found the ChiRunning website and have ordered my Metronome, shirt and the Half Marathon Training program.

Keep up the good work!

Ron K.

P.S. Would Danny please work of a Chi Golfing program ASAP..!!!