Allow your Chi to flow

Allow your Chi to Flow…

After having the enriching experience of spending three days with Danny Dreyer and fellow running and walking instructors at Asheville for  the bi-annual certified instructors weekend, it really has opened up a whole new appreciation & understanding of the power of the energy called chi.

As Danny says, and as has been said by my wife Anne (an experienced yogi), : “Where your mind goes, your chi flows”… This is so very true.

Running in Charleston this morning, before catching the planes back to Sydney, i had no running goal, i just allowed my chi to take me running, no effort, just relaxed and allowed the chi to flow. A very empowering running experience if you set up the conditions for this to happen.

At the airport the plane was going to be late to leave, which may or may not had made me miss my connecting flights home. What could i do? Nothing. I allowed my chi to flow, by setting up the ideal conditions; relaxed and at peace. All went well and I did not become stressed and worried like all those around me that were not too happy… I arrived in time for my next flight and are enjoying the far reaching benefits of my chi still flowing…

Allow your chi to flow in your daily life, set up the conditions for it and it will take you in the right direction. Daily practise of this will also have the benefits for you when you ChiRun. Just like practising good posture outside of running, practise allowing your chi to flow. This will without a doubt have a “chi-mendous” positive effect on your ChiRunning.



Coach J-R

Sydney Australia

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