Achilles Tendon Issues

If you’re experiencing achilles tendon pain, I suggest you look at how you’re using that tendon. It usually means you’re toeing off or somehow supporting your body weight with your forefoot. If you’re experiencing any sort of pain, you should not be doing interval or hard workouts. So, if you start a workout with any pain at all, the pain will increase in the course of the workout unless you change the biomechanics of what you are doing.

Adding speed to a workout while there is Achilles pain is going to cause more problems. You need to solve the problem at slower speeds first. Any acceleration in speed needs to come from an increase in lean amount and an increased rotation of the pelvis, not an increase in the push of the leg or foot. Another cause of Achilles tendonitis is having too long of a stride length, which also places too much burden onto the forefoot. As you increase in mileage, be careful that your stride doesn’t get longer as you become tired. During your leg swing, you should only see your legs as swinging to the rear. Never think of lifting your legs forward as you run or you’ll engage that Achilles tendon.

Cheers – Danny


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