Acceptance into OCS, thanks to ChiRunning

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Hello all,

I have been practicing ChiRunning for a few years now and must say, it has helped me acquire the speed and focus I need for my military profession. When I started ChiRunning, I had already been in the military a couple of years since late 2003. But, I had not run in a very long time (since basic training) due to running injuries and a sedentary position. I had been excused by a military doctor who was helping me avoid surgery. By the time I was healed in 2006, I was so out of shape and I was jogging a mile in over 14 minutes with pain. One day, I decided I wanted to become an Officer. I had three months to get my speed up to an eight minute pace before I could enter US Army Officer Candidate School (OCS). Everyone told me it would be impossible to drop over six minutes off my pace time in only three months. However, If I did not make the time, I would not be able to continue with my career goals of becoming an officer. I began training HARD two times a day and only two days into it, I developed shin splints and it seemed my running time was getting slower. I also had little chest capacity for long runs especially at a faster pace. A friend of mine had heard about ChiRunning and told me I should look into it. I used a search engine to find it and I began to read up on it. I ordered the book, DVD and audio CD. I took a full week to read through the book and watch the DVD, practicing in my living room and at a track. Before long, my running was much smoother and I eventually learned to focus on keeping good form. Although I had injuries (Shin splints, pulled hamstring and lower back pain) from trying to run blindly without any type of instruction, in a short period, I was able to apply the techniques of relaxation, the Lean and posture. I practiced them over and over throughout my days. Soon, I was running much more effortlessly than before. I had to do a two mile diagnostic run in no more than around 17 minutes when entering OCS. I did it in 16:50. Next I passed my record physical exam of two miles in 16:14. Since then, I have been commissioned as an army officer and have used the ChiRunning techniques ever since. Many times, I have fallen off the trail of running for a good while and had to start all over again. Whenever I start to slip, I read through the book again and watch the video as a refresher. I have also found the ChiRunning & Walking forums very helpful in explaining the book and keeping me going. I have incorporated the methods into my backpacking and walking as well.

One day, my goal is to attend a workshop and take lessons from a coach. I just purchased the second edition of the book and can’t wait to finish reading it so I can re-read it. I have also purchased the metronome and it has helped me a great extent in learning to keep a constant & consistent pace. I could go on and on about how much such a small investment has helped me achieve my fitness and well being goals with such high gains. I appreciate you bringing ChiRunning to us Danny. Keep up the good work!


LT G., Bert
US Army