A Testimonial from a World Traveler

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Hi. I found your great book in a bookstore in Walvis Bay, Namibia (find that on a map!). I am a musician working on a cruise ship, am 52, and have been running for 30 years, have done 5 marathons (best time 3 hrs 30mns) and have never done more than 200kms a month, ever. I average now about 120kms per month. I am a natural midfoot/forefoot striker, so naturally your book got my attention. Have had a lot of aches and pains, latest of which a bout of plantar fasciitis (ouch), from which we are hopefully coming out of. Since utilising your techniques, have had 9 great runs, all 30 secs a km faster on average without any conscious effort and NO aches, heavy legs, pains, cramps etc. Am sold on your technique.

Richard Wilson
Capetown, South Africa