A positive ChiRunning experience

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I feel that the timing in taking the course was absolutely perfect for me. It seems that this practice, combined with Feldenkrais, has been my missing link in terms of what I have needed for years!

I have come off of years of crisis. I am glad to say that I am on the other side of things now. But what I have found in retrospect was that my strategy in getting through the crisis was to hunker down and plow through it like a Clydesdale. As a result I was left feeling so physically sore, tired, and out of shape. After taking Feldenkrais and ChiRunning classes this year, I am amazed to see how tightly I have been holding myself – literally everywhere – joints, torso, neck and back etc. The practice of consciously moving with a sense of ease and looseness has done wonders for me in terms of increased energy, relaxation, and a sense of happiness! What I am enjoying even more is how it has translated into my personal life. I was so frustrated with seeing how controlling and bent out of shape I became at work and home as a result of being so stressed and overwhelmed. This physical loosening, along with the philosophy of “let it go,” has helped me to do the same with people and life events. And oh do I like myself better for it! I feel like the old me has been restored. Those close to me see the changes too, which is always so motivating.

Of particular interest to me about ChiRunning is that it combines attention to process with being goal oriented. I have always steered clear of most strongly focused goal oriented activities because I have felt that having goals like that hemmed me in. I am more drawn to open-ended, let’s-see-what-happens types of situations. That is why I found starting up running last December rather funny. But somehow, sticking with something that was a challenge felt important; moreover, I needed to connect with a sense of moving because I felt so stuck. ChiRunning helps me to have goals in a very flexible fashion, which is so good for me. In a sense, it has helped me to enjoy having goals more. Because the running style feels more relaxed, I look forward to running as opposed to gearing myself up for a mind over matter/let’s get through this experience. Who wouldn’t, eh?

So that’s my experience with ChiRunning – all very positive!