Cultivate and Direct your Chi in the New Year

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No matter your New Year’s Resolution, or lack thereof, there is one thing that everyone needs more of: focused, clear, directed life force – Chi. 

Take a moment and feel the rise and fall of chest and belly as you breathe. Do it for 3-5 breaths. Now, feel the slight buzz of alive energy in your arms and legs. Notice whatever your skin is touching: your clothes, the chair you’re sitting on, your feet on the ground. None of those sensations would be available to you without Chi, the life-giving energy that is in every cell of your body.

Every moment that you turn your awareness to this foundational energy that imbues your body with life, you are cultivating and enhancing that life force. Chi follows your mind’s attention, moves with it, and grows from its attention like a plant that soaks up the sun’s rays.

Most of us are so busy in our minds, looking out at the multitude of distractions that our world offers. We forget the miracle that is right within us – every minute that we are alive – our potent life force. This life force needs your attention. It needs you to recognize it, appreciate it, respect it. By doing so, you’re doing what all the self-help books extoll: loving your self.

Sometimes you might squander this amazing gift: letting it get stagnant sitting in front of a computer screen, not letting it move and flow in your body the way it wants and needs to. We take it for granted, feed it poor food or forget that it needs plenty of fresh water.

If you pay attention to it for just one moment, it lets you know: it needs you to stretch, stand up, walk around, breathe, go outside and connect with other living things. Just by listening you will spontaneously want to follow its lead. 

When you nurture the Chi of your body, it pays you back one thousand fold. Listening to your own Chi, the river of life in your body, sitting on its banks and enjoying its flow, you become happier, less stressed, more alive and energized. It is more “you” than all the thoughts that run through your mind. It is your deepest connection to life. It is life.

So, forget about losing weight, running five times a week, starting a walking program…all the ideas that your mind says that you “should” do. Instead, learn to listen to the force within (yes, a new Star Wars movie just came out) and cultivate it like a Spring garden. Have a practice of giving it what it needs, every morning, or two or three times a day. Put aside time to do its bidding: a long walk, a big salad, an energizing run.

Your life will never be the same, in the best way possible!

To learn more about ChiLiving, ChiRunning and ChiWalking, read this article from Katherine and Danny Dreyer about their first-ever ChiLiving Workshop at the Omega Institute in Fall 2017.

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