A new lease on life

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In a nutshell, I was run over by a truck in 1995. I was never a runner but I
did want to run. At the age of 44, 9 years after the truck accident, I read
ChiRunning, many many times. And then I ran. Since then I have run many
half-marathons, 3 full marathons, 1 half IRONMAN, and this past weekend I
completed the Keys100 50 mile race. I have spread the news about ChiRunning
to anyone who would listen and I wore out a ChiRunning hat to the point of
complete deterioration. I stumbled on ChiRunning while looking for a book
on running technique. It happened to be the only one of its kind. All the
other running books were more about diet, training plans… ChiRunning
remains one of the only systems which teach the art of running. I am also a
fan of the eastern arts so the mix with the martial arts really suits my

All in all, I have to thank Danny and his book for giving me a new
lease on life as an active member. I highly recommend ChiRunning to anyone
who is interested in learning , as opposed to just running any way.  Lean on
and learn on. By the way , I have yet to perfect the lean. But maybe this
year!  Thank you!

You can read the rest of my story here:

Allen S.