A Mindful Approach to Running

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I run quite a lot.  To some of my non-running friends and family this seems extreme.  They simply don’t understand why I do it.  They see me as some kind of fitness freak.  Comments as I head out for a run range from, why don’t you take a break to, why do you push yourself so hard to, you’re really going out to run in this weather, are you crazy, etc.   They are, of course, missing the point.

I run because I love it in the same way as someone else spends a lot of time practicing his or her passion whether that is swimming, playing a musical instrument, cycling, doing yoga or painting for example.

It’s a highly focused period of time away from the frenetic pace of life.  It’s an opportunity to be mindful, in this case about how I am moving; to be in the present moment.   Sometimes it can feel physically hard especially if I am doing an interval session at the track but even then I am working on my ChiRunning technique to allow it to feel easier, to run with less effort, less impact, to literally run myself into a relaxed state no matter what the pace.

These runs are not all the same.  In terms of training, they all have a purpose depending on what I am training for but they all have one thing in common.  In each run, I am working on some aspect of my technique.  Mostly these days, I am trying to learn how to relax, the holy grail of running in my view.   I mean relaxation, how hard can it be, right? Turns out that for many of us, it’s actually quite difficult.

So to those who don’t understand, I am not pushing myself too hard.  I am not running for running’s sake.  I am choosing to pay attention, to listen to my body, to quiet my mind while slowly improving the quality of my life through running.

Why do you run?

Happy Running.


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