A Heart-felt

Thank you so very much for developing and sharing ChiRunning with
us, the runners of the world. I had the privilege and honour of meeting
you this past Fri in Long Beach, heard your presentation, and bought
the combo package. I was able to watch the video before the race and I
learned so much, but more importantly, I was able to apply your
teachings (basic skills) and was able to complete the half-marathon in
just 2:00:59 giving me a pace of about 9:25min/mile. I had never
dreamed of maintaining such pace for the entire race. I could’ve done a
bit better but had three brief stops, having a gel, stopping at the porta-potty, and
helping a runner get some relief from pain.  The best of my race
is that I am not in pain, just some discomfort. But just wait ’til I
learn the techniques, then I’ll report back to you on my progress.
During the running I just thought of good posture, good breathing (I
also practice yoga twice a week) and leaning. What a
difference.   Your teachings are a treasure to every runner,
and I will spread the word about ChiRunning everywhere I go and
everywhere I meet a runner.  Danny, there are not enough words to
recognize your contribution to the sport of running and the help you’ve
provided to the runner who follows your teachings, but I wanted you to
received a very heart-felt “Thank you”.


Victor Romero