A ChiRunning Family is born!

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Dear Mr. Dreyer,

I would like to thank you for making a big difference in our life.

It all started when my daughter said that she was going to run a half-marathon in June 2009. Without even a moment of hesitation I decided then and there I was going to run too. The last time I ran was when I was a sophomore in high school and that was 35 years ago.

Now that I decided to run a half marathon, I bought all the books that I could get from Amazon on how to train for marathon and read them all. I took their advice and bought two pairs of running shoes, pain reliving spray, another glue-stick like pain relieving stuff, two ice packs, knee supports, back support, ankle support, Dr. Scholl’s moleskin, and a heart rate monitor. As I was going through my shopping list I couldn’t help but to wonder if I was planning to run for fun or preparing myself for a disaster. It was like I already knew I was going to be injured. In any case, I started my training wearing my back support, knee support and ankle support. While I admired my look, running was another story. It was a pure torture. I read more books including Born to Run, and then I started running barefoot, and then switched to Vibram Five Fingers. Things got much better as my posture improved. However, I still didn’t understand how Tarahumara Indians in Copper Canyon were running long distances effortlessly. I wanted someone to teach me how to run.

While searching Amazon using the term “effortless running”, your book showed up finally. I bought the book and read immediately, and started practicing ChiRunning. I was initially pessimistic but the book had enough to convince me that it was worth a try. After a few days of training myself, I wasn’t sure if I were running right. So I decided to check with someone in my local area. I found Kathy Griest’s email and asked if she would help me with ChiRunning. She suggested me to go to workshop that was scheduled for that weekend in Pasadena with you. I was the last person to get into that workshop on September 5th 2009.

Your workshop triggered something inexplicable and positive in me. Since that workshop I ran over 250 miles, and I believe I am ChiRunning. In the process I seem to have inspired my wife to run with me. She always had knee pain so she avoided running. On December 6th my two daughters, my wife and I ran Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. Running was fun and seemed effortless. I was constantly scanning my body, checking my feet alignment, lengthening my spine, leveling the pelvic, leaning forward, swinging my arms, watching my breathing and smiling all the time.

Everything passed by in smooth, fluid motion. In September I was unable to run 3 miles. In just 90 days I ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour 55 minutes, a personal record. My wife and my daughters also completed the race very strong. My wife and I have been practicing Chi for months and we love running.

A 4-5 mile run is like a child’s play for us now and an 8-mile run is no big deal. What a difference running style and techniques make! We travel a lot. We know, every place we go, we will be running.  From street running, we have progressed to trail running, and we are looking forward to running on the beaches of Jamaica during this holiday season. My wife recently canceled her membership at the local fitness club as she found no reason to get on a treadmill ever again. Need I have to say anymore? We are a ChiRunning Family!

Thank you very much,