7 Ways to Get More Energy for your Spring Workouts – Pt. 3

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6. Move often and keep the Chi flowing

As studies have shown, sitting and sedentary behaviors are robbing you of your life force, literally pulling the plug on your energy. To counteract this:

• Walk every day. Not just to the water cooler, but for little breaks…5 minutes in one direction, 5 minutes back. 7 minutes out your door, 7 minutes back. Do this several times a day. Have a pair of walking shoes with you at all times and make mini-walks a habit.
• Move in place. Constantly check your posture, reach up with the back of your head, wiggle in your seat, move to some music.
• Keep moving. Garden, dance, walk, run, clean your house, play with your kids… feel the energy flow.

7. Do what you LOVE

Ever felt tired and lethargic, but then a good friend calls and you feel energized again? The energy is always there…always. We are a warehouse of energy. Doing what you love is the best way to tap into that vast source within.

• Feel gratitude: You can always find something to love about anything because it either feeds you or teaches you. Even if you’re not thrilled with some of the tasks in your life, find aspects that you can appreciate and focus on those: the warm water of washing dishes, the graceful movement of sweeping the floor – there’s always some goodness you can find.
• Acknowledge your successes: Nothing makes us happier than hearing that you’re doing well. Do us a favor and let us know when you’re just loving the running, walking and living tips. You’ll give us more energy to help you!!
• Give what you have: More than almost anything else mentioned here,
giving of yourself creates more energy than you can imagine. The more you give, the more you’ll find you have to give… and more will come back to you. It’s the upward spiral of Chi.

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