7 Ways to Get More Energy for your Spring Workouts – Pt. 2

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3. Hydrate

Many people see the word hydrate and think of sports drinks, but for a spring pick-me-up, there is nothing like 8 glasses of water a day. Most people are dehydrated which makes you feel like you are dragging. If you opt for the afternoon latte, make sure you drink a glass of water before and after. Drink a glass first thing in the morning, before your juice or coffee.

Every time you drink, think about taking in good positive energy. Water hydrates your cells and helps flush toxins and waste from your system. Make drinking lots of water an everyday habit.

4. Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is crucial to having enough energy to get in a good workout. It is all about regeneration and gathering energy. Here are some tips to sleep better:

Walk: Taking a walk at sunset is a lot better for you than watching the evening news or sitcoms.
Power down: Use your evenings to calm your nerves and settle yourself, with less and less intake and output. Turn off all electronics (TV, computer, cell phone) at least one hour before bedtime. These may be the worst energy leaks of all!
Stretch: Do some gentle, mindful movement such as yoga, T’ai Chi or stretching to quiet the mind and alleviate stress in the body that might have you tossing and turning all night. It’s the perfect time to stretch if you didn’t have time after your workout in the morning.
Take a hot bath: It calms the nerves like nothing else.
Settle your mind: Right before sleep, take 5-10 minutes to put yourself into a state of gathering energy: meditate, pray or relive the best parts of your day. Settle into the quiet and the dark.

5. Manage stress

Worry, anxiety, stress…these are the great robber barons of your energy. When you are paralyzed with fear, your body gets tight and energy does not flow. Manage your stress with:

Exercise: To get energy you have to spend some. If you’re stressed out, movement is the best way to move that bottlenecked energy. Moving mindfully takes your mind off your worries, and puts it where it belongs for a while every day…in the moment.
Breathe: You’re breathing all day, but probably with shallow, short breaths that are not supporting you in an optimal way. Breathe slowly and deeply from your belly.
Get present: Look out the window, notice things growing (including your kids). Listen completely to one piece of music. Enjoy the colors and textures of foods as you cook and eat.
Enjoy the little things: a hot shower, a few minutes of quiet, a hot cup of tea, a perfect pear. Wonderful things are all around us.

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