61 and Registerd to Chi Run 4th Ironman

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Hi Danny,

I hope all is well. I wanted to give you a little update. As you know, I have been  a ChiRunning devotee for the last few years. I continue to “hold my butterflies”, “peel my postage stamps” and “ride my unicycle.”

I turned 61 this year and enjoy terrific health and maintain a very high level of fitness. Through my involvement with endurance events, Total Immersion, and ChiRunning I have become fascinated with one’s ability to maintain a high level of fitness as they age. Dating back to my third Ironman in July, 2010, I have PRed in every race I have entered.

On Saturday I finished second in my age group in a local 5K going under 26 minutes for the first time in a long, long time. I remember writing you a couple of years ago and telling you of my goal to run a sub-nine minute mile. You were both supportive and encouraging. Imagine my delight on Saturday as I passed the one-mile mark and heard my time-7:54!

Thank you again for all you do for so many,


Next month I’ll be side by side with my wife Nancy, another ChiRunning devotee, as she competes in her first half marathon. Next year I’ll be back in Lake Placid for my forth Ironman – this time with our 18 year old daughter, Jane.