6 Reasons To Say Yes

Health and fitness can sometimes feel like a lot of sacrifice and self-denial. But, a deep inner “YES” is much more impactful than saying no.

Get a Body Sense of this right now. Say an inner “YES” to eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Then say an inner “no” to eating sugar and white flour.

Which gave you more energy? Which made you feel better, stronger, more capable? I use this all the time. When I’ve gained a few extra pounds, I purposely see myself as slimmer, rather than focusing on the extra pounds around my middle.  It is amazing how much easier it is to lose that extra weight since I already “see” myself as thin and feeling good. Then, I just behave as if.

You can do the same and make fitness a regular, consistent part of your life. See yourself, working out regularly and doing so in a way that enriches your whole body and enlivens your spirit.

For Danny and I, it is an odd, off kind of day when we don’t exercise. If we miss a day, then it becomes an even higher priority the next day. If we miss two days, well, we just don’t let that happen too often. Walking or running or doing T’ai Chi feels too good and is too important.

We all know that sitting is a significant detriment to our health. The only anecdote is moving!

Here are 6 reasons to say “YES” to making fitness a  a part of your life. After you read these, write down 3 or 4 of your own “YES’s” to what you want in the New Year. Write them as if they were already true.

  1. Yes – I look really good because exercise is a cornerstone of  how I live. My skin looks great from the blood circulating. I look taller and fitter from practicing good posture. My eyes look clearer and more alive.
  2. Yes – I have a better attitude toward life since I’m training for that 10K. I have more patience and a better perspective on life. The little things that used to get to me now really do appear as “small stuff”.
  3. Yes – I sleep really well. My sleep is deep and nourishing. I go to sleep easily and wake up refreshed.  
  4. Yes – I have more energy since I practice a mindful and relaxing approach to running. I get great workouts, and rather than a long recovery, I am energized for everything else I want to do.
  5. Yes – I have a strong sense of control over my health. I feel in charge of my life and health. I feel a deeper inner strength that is not just physical, but gives me a the sense that I can do anything. 
  6. Yes – my mind is clear and focused.  I’m aware of my body and the present moment which makes life feel precious.



 Write what you want to say “yes” to and notice how energy (chi) flows through your body, giving you the inner resources and motivation to make it so.

















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