50 Pain-Free Miles: A Thank You to a ChiRunning Instructor

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Hi Chris,

Well, here I am again thanking you for the gift of running pain free – I ran the American River 50 mile run this weekend and had an absolute blast. I’m pretty sure I had a big grin on my face at every single mile. The only post-race pain I felt was from a pulled groin (which happened when I lost my footing going down a wet/muddy, steep downhill and strained it to keep my footing, so that doesn’t count) and massive blisters (I was using hydropel but may not have put enough on, my toes cross over each other anyway, so it’s a constant problem).

Anyway, it was a magnificent run and I made some new friends along the way. At the end, one of the race volunteers said “You look like you could keep going!” and I said “Yup, ChiRunning!” Same thing when I got a quick post-race massage, the therapist was surprised at how not-tight my legs were. I mean, I just ran 50 MILES, and I’m NOT in pain – unbelievable!!! There’s no way I could have had so much fun if I had been struggling at any point. Honestly, the hardest part was keeping myself from getting hungry, recognizing when I needed salt, or water, or a walking break, etc. In fact, the hills were really not that steep and I was able to run some of them without getting fatigued. One of my new running buddies tried the “side-stepping” when it got steep and she really liked it, too.

Many, many thanks for helping me and sharing this practice with me, there’s no way I could have enjoyed those 50 miles if I had been suffering through it.


Rebecca E.