5 Best Tips for Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

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A ChiRunning Tradition

Driving down my street yesterday I remarked to Katherine that it all of a sudden felt like Winter… the trees were gray and barren compared to the spectacular blast of color that happened over the past 3 weeks. There was a brisk wind picking up, and I found myself flipping my collar up as I got out of the car. That’s when it occurred to me that next week is Thanksgiving. NO WONDER it’s cold out.

With Thanksgiving coming next week I’m reminded of the upcoming holiday season, with company parties and lots of eating, and friendly get-togethers and lots of eating. And, then there are those wonderful times spent with extended family… and lots more eating.

During this Fall/Winter transitional season we all need to be aware of how our diet and exercise (or lack thereof) can affect our immune system. Whenever there’s an over-abundance of sweets, carbs, alcohol or caffeine, or more food intake than we’re used to, it’s easy to get thrown off our regular diet and exercise routines.

Knowing that the Holidays can be a dietary minefield, here are 5 great tips for getting through this Holiday Season in great shape.

1. Earn your turkey dinner
Sign up for a local 5K or 10K Turkey Trot. The best way to counteract high-calorie intake is to get into some high calorie-burning FUN

2. Eat and move
Use the time between meals to get outside and move… breathing fresh air, walking, running, bike riding… basically anything that gets your heart pumping and increases your metabolism

3. Have fun, but set your limits ahead of time
For sweets, carbs and amounts, set personal guidelines on “seconds” and desserts, so that you can end your meal with no regrets

4. Stop intake by 8pm
Most of the calories you take in after 8pm are converted to fat by your body. So, if you need to, plan ahead and set your “window” of intake so you come out ahead by stopping early

5. Drink lots of water
This helps to keep your kidneys healthy when consuming larger-than-normal amounts of alcohol, sweets and food in general. It’s better for your digestion to drink between meals rather than during meals.

We hope these suggestions help you take a healthy, new approach to an old tradition!

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