I decided to run at Beaver Lake today… it’s up on the north side of town… fairly flat and it’s beautiful in the mornings.

It has been raining, so it’s been hot and sticky, ugh. My calves were a little tight, I felt okay at the end of the run, but I did feel like I was struggling a lot and needed to stop fairly frequently to get reconnected to my body. It was sort of annoying, but I also recognized that it’s just part of the process. Some days are easier than others… I got back in posture over and over again and it was better. I know it was a form run but I felt like my form was giving up on me! I ran a couple random loops around the trails at the lake, which really is beautiful and nicely ‘distracting’. I have no idea how far I ran, but right now the minutes are all that I am paying attention to.

My right calf is tight, so is my right hip flexor. Scale is about a 6 today, not so hot. I got home to stretch, and my next run LSD is going to be in Vail (we are leaving this afternoon)… that might be a little bit hard with the altitude, but we’ll see (from 2100′ elevation to close to 8000).



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