24-Hour Race Accomplished with ChiRunning

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Hi Danny,

Wanted to tell you about my first 24 hour race. Fantastic is the best word to describe the experience. I had four (non-pace) goals for this race: To check out the food/fluid that I had chosen to eat/drink. (Can you believe that I made chick pea/lental/black beans/ brown rice/ portobello mushrooms/onions/garlic/tomatoe/curry/oliveoil patty that I ate every three hours?) Worked like a charm–no stomach or digestion upsets at all. It gave me high quality protein, complex carbs, and just the right amount of fat needed to help the liver drive energy into the working muscle cells, and in a pretty low glycemic dose throughout the run. I never ran out of glycogen.

The second goal was to check out to see if I could remain alert and moving forward for the whole 24 hours without a nap or rest break. (Actually I awoke at 12 midnight on Saturday morning and finally went to sleep at 12 midnight Monday night.) The race began at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning.

The third goal was to check to see if I could hold the ChiRunning form throughout the duration of the 24 hours. (Except for my head, which looked down most of the time in front of my body rather than up and out and as I expected my abdominal muscles were very sore during the run (but stopped being sore immediately after). I must say that I held on to the ChiRunning form because my metronome, arm swing, foot strike, and breathing became a 4 piece combo that played music for me the entire time. Then immediately after and the next days after the race, I had not one sore muscle, tendon, or anything. No recovery needed, thanks very much!!

Goal number four was to check out the EVO barefoot shoe performance on a packed dirt/loose stone surface with tree roots on part of the trail. I wore the only pair of EVOs that I own, sockless, the entire time. No issues at all. Others around me were having blisters and other foot problems. I had nothing–not even tired feet!

So I learned that the food worked, that I can remain alert for 24 hours and beyond, my body thrived on ChiRunning, and the EVO was made just for me. Now I know that I can build on this solid foundation as I work on the following to prepare for that 100 miler next April: night time running on the trail, running a faster pace and holding my head more erect as I run.

I will be working on these areas as I prepare for the next 24 hour race scheduled for July 31 outside of Boston.

Have fun in your ChiRunning session in England. Tell all I said hi.
Take Care, Betty S.