2012 Scientific Study Shows ChiRunning Technique Reduces Impact

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Scientific Study Affirms Customer Survey

A  1-year study at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shows that the ChiRunning technique was found to produce less impact and higher efficiency, when compared with other common styles of running: the rearfoot strike and the anterior (forefoot) strike.

This is the first peer-reviewed, scientific study showing what our clients have told us all along; ChiRunning creates less impact than other running styles which translates into a lesser potential for injury. See Danny’s full explanation of the study here.

This study confirms our previous, peer-reviewed anecdotal studies of our clients and what some doctors have already known. “The recent UNC study scientifically confirms years of our clinical experience.” says Dr. William Mullins at the Center for Rheumatic Diseases and Osteoporosis in Bethesda, Maryland. “ChiRunning is a unique running style that causes less stress for lower extremity joints and supporting structures than any other running technique. ChiRunning reduces the risk of running injuries, and increases the chance that we can continue running into our 80s. I routinely recommend the ChiRunning workshops or DVDs for my patients who run for exercise.”

Additionally, and contrary to some running experts’ beliefs, this study also shows that low-impact, more efficient running technique can be learned, and that runners can improve their technique to reduce the potential for injury.

See the complete scientific study here.

See Danny’s explanation of the study here.

See our 2011 Survey of 3500 ChiRunning clients.

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