2.5 minutes faster per mile with ChiRunning

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Dear Aracely [Areas, Certified Instructor],

Thank you for your outstanding clinic in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. I had been practicing ChiRunning from reading the book and watching the DVD for 3 months prior to participating in your Honolulu Clinic. I had no idea how incorrect I was, on my pelvic tilt, which you spotted as over engaged. I was spilling chi out behind me and firing my quads. What a huge energy leak! You spotted my stride as too long and too slow, and my hip rotation was non-existent.

After the workshop, I put in the corrections on my runs. Surprisingly, I immediately dropped 2.5 minutes off my per mile pace. My right hip has an old running injury that flares up when I go too far or too fast. There was no pain. Nothing!  Simply amazing! Thank you for your outstanding ChiRunning Instruction. For the first time since my childhood, I feel like I can really Run!!!

Much Aloha,
Chris Canicosa
Honolulu, Hawaii