10th in AG after 1st year of ChiRunning

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I’ve been ChiRunning for about a year now. I ran a number of successful races over the past year, including my first marathon where I finished 10th in my age group and 35th overall at the Colfax Marathon in Denver. I also ran in my first Ultra-division event at the Cascade Lakes Relay in Oregon. ChiRunning has made a big impact on my running, with less perceived effort and faster recovery times.

I’m writing because of a non-running experience using a ChiRunning technique.  Last night, my wife and I were moving a heavy piece of furniture from the second floor of our home to the basement.  I started to feel strain in my back and arms going down the second flight of stairs.  Sensing the strain, I decided to make sure I was aligned and my muscles relaxed. Suddenly, the weight did not feel heavy and I felt almost nothing at all. Amazing!  I was using posture and not burning muscles.

Jon D.
Denver, CO