0 to 26.2 with ChiRunning School

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I am very happy to have finished 2 years of ChiRunning School!
I started ChiRunning School because I was curious about it. I like the martial arts and despite that, I don’t practice it, I believe they are great and can have a positive impact on our lives.
I started running after pregnancy just with the idea of losing weight, I didn’t have any technique and knowledge about running, but I wanted to do it injury-free. Shortly after starting ChiRunning School, I had my first 10k race and it went well, since then I been practicing and Yes! injury-free. This year I completed my first marathon in 3h:54 sec 🙂 (it was a hilly course).
What I like most about the school is how things happen step by step, which taught me to be patient. The lesson of negative self-talk had a strong impact on me. I had a 20k trail race the day after the lesson and I ended up on 1st place in my category and 8th in my gender category.
Thanks to all the teams, especially Danny and Katherine,
Yumey D.