Dr. Greaux, DC, ART

Berkley, CA


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Dr. Greaux, DC, ART

Dr. Greaux has been treating Olympic, Professional, Elite and Amateur runners in Berkeley, CA since 2001. She is the founder and owner of two sports medicine businesses: Innersport Chiropractic specializes in the diagnosis, soft tissue treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries; Press Play Analysis specializes in Video Analysis of running, cycling, and golf, as well as ten dynamic movements to determine the weak link in biomechanics of athletic movement. Dr. Greaux has worked the marathon Olympic trials, Ironman Championships in Kona, and many local running events in the Bay Area. She is currently a medical advisor for The Bay Area Track Club consisting of local Olympic, Professional, and Elite runners. Press Play is also instrumental in The Bay Area Track Club’s communication between athletes, coaches, and medical providers via online viewing of video analysis.

Dr. Greaux first met Danny Dreyer around 2003 in San Francisco and instantly became a big proponent of ChiRunning, liking the significance of pelvic stability and utilizing the core while running. It was when Danny once said, “After a marathon, my legs feel fresh, it’s my core that’s tired,” that she became hooked. Since then, Dr. Greaux has found she and Danny have similar theories of running biomechanics based on scientific research and clinical experience. Dr. Greaux continues to videotape runners weekly to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate the weak links causing injury. She then refers her clients to ChiRunning for an ideal coaching solution for her rehabilitating runners. Since that first meeting in 2003, Danny Dreyer has instructed two Chirunning clincs at Innersport. Innersport also hosts other Chirunning instructor lead clinics.

Dr. Greaux thrives on patient and athlete education on injury prevention via writing blogs available on her websites. She also writes monthly newsletters on sports injury prevention and performance based on current literature and research. She welcomes people to subscribe to her blogs or newsletters via her websites. Feel free to email her for your sports medicine questions.